Frequently Asked Questions


    1. Can I take my dog to Great Keppel Island?
        Yes, dogs are allowed on our

ferry transfers

        to Great Keppel Island, but not on cruises. Great Keppel Island also allows dogs on the island. Please ensure that you have a leash and clean up after your animals while on the island.
    1. Where do I park my car?
        If you are travelling to Great Keppel Island for the day, there is a large car park across the road from the Pier One terminal. If you are staying overnight on the island, there is a security car park facility available at 422 Scenic Highway, Rosslyn Bay. Phone

(07) 4933 6670

        for bookings and prices.
    1. Are there jellyfish at Great Keppel Island?
        On Great Keppel Island we generally see very few stingers (jellyfish) year round. Stingers are more commonly seen during the warmer months – December to March. If we are made aware of stinger sightings, we will advise passengers on the ferry. Stinger suits are available for cruise members if necessary.


        for the latest safety advice.
    1. How do I book a cruise or transfer?
        Bookings are not required for ferry transfers. We simply recommend arriving at Pier One, Rosslyn Bay approximately half an hour prior to the departure time. Please

view our timetable

        for current times and prices. All cruises require bookings. Some spaces may become available on the day of travel however to avoid disappointment we advise booking in advance.

Contact us

        to check availability or simply call us on

(07) 4933 6888

  1. How long is the ferry trip to Great Keppel Island?
      Great Keppel Island is a short 30-minute ferry ride from Rosslyn Bay harbour. The distance to Great Keppel Island from the mainland is approximately 9.7 nautical miles (18km).
  2. I’m vegetarian. Does the cruise cater for particular dietary requirements?
      Yes, we cater for vegetarians and other dietary requirements. Simply make our staff aware of any dietary requirements you have when booking.
  3. How large is Great Keppel Island?
      Great Keppel Island is 1454 ha.